Acupuncture Oriental Medicine and Herbology

An Eastern Approach

How does acupuncture work?

Traditional Chinese medicine explains that health is the result of a harmonious balance comprar zithromax of the complementary extremes of yin and yang of the life force known as QiQi  flows through our meridians (pathways) in the human body. We have 14 main meridians that extend to our fingers and toes. They work like a freeway system that runs throughout the body. Sometimes we get a traffic jam (stagnation) and symptoms will arise depending on where the stagnation occurs. Through 350 acupuncture points in the body, these meridians and energy flows may be accessed. Illness is the consequence of an imbalance of these forces. When needles are inserted into these points with the appropriate combinations then the energy flow can be brought back into proper balance.

Benefits of Acupuncture:
  •       Reduce Pain and discomfort
  •       Reduce and eliminate Headaches or Migraines
  •       Facilitates Weight Loss
  •       Reduce Stress/Anxiety
  •       Insomnia
  •       Aids Digestion helping with IBS, Acid Reflex, Constipation, ect…
  •       Allergies / Sinusitis
  •       Asthma and Bronchitis
  •       Reduce symptoms of Chemo and Radiation
  •       Chronic Fatigue
  •       Boosts Immune System to fight Cold and Flu
  •       Helps Regulate Diabetes
  •       Edema
  •       Reduce Hypertension
  •       Regulate Hyper or Hypothyroidism
  •       Fertility and Impotence
  •       Multiple Sclerosis
  •       Arthritis
  •       Ulcers
  •       Neuropathy
  •       Psoriasis
  •       TMJ
  •       Tinnitus
  •       ect….
How Acupuncture Works
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