Is a technique based on the concepts of Applied Kinesiology (AK) which utilizes muscle testing along with magnets to further challenge your bodies neurological response in order to give a more clear answer. This technique uses vials to test your bodies resistance to different food toxins, foods, heavy metals, environmental toxins, hormones, parasites, mold, viruses, methylation, and more. 

If your muscle becomes weak with the introduction of a specific vial that is an indication that substance is negatively affecting your body. After all the vials have been tested and we have a collection of vials that may be wreaking havoc in your body. We then test specific nutrients to see which ones will negate those vials. 

Once we determine which supplements and herbs negate the vials, you will then be desensitized to the vials using a laser and Acupuncture points. You will also be given a supplement regimen to help treat the issues found.

Your next visit you will be re-assed and tested to see how much you have improved.

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