Sports Medicine encompasses a lot of skills and modalities that are all designed to help get you out of pain and quick.


Sports Medicine utilizes specific methods to analyze your gait, posture, range of motion, and biomechanics to better treat you. Sports Medicine is also very well known for the soft tissue techniques that help break up scare tissue and increase range of motion. Using stretches as well as strengthening exercises to help build a stronger structure.


Often times people have an awkward gait which starts to shift the bodies balance. 85% of people that are right handed walk with their dominant foot externally rotated which will cause the hips to be thrown off, which then affects the shoulder and neck. In 1 mile your foot will hit incorrectly 800 times causing muscle imbalance and structural imbalance. We aim to correct your gait and keep your body in balance.


How Reiki Treatment Works

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