The Ultimate Soft Tissue Therapy

Percussion Therapy with the Pro Muscle Release 1000 from Modus Therapeutics. It is a therapeutic modality that precisely administers the benefits of percussion therapy.  This patented technology delivers rapid, mechanical percussions that penetrate multiple muscle layers, thereby promoting healing and accelerated recovery.  By facilitating a biological process that ultimately increases blood flow of freshly oxygenated blood, percussion therapy provides the following benefits:

* Break-up of adhesions and internal scar tissue

* Improvement of venous circulation and lymphatic drainage

* Restoration of elasticity and length to muscle fibers

* Relaxation of thickened connective tissue

* Enhancement in range of movement by relieving stiff joints

* Break-up of lactic acid Percussive therapy and muscle stimulation can be beneficial in a variety of medical applications including:

* Delayed onset muscle soreness

* Muscle strains and spasms

* Joint sprains

* Shoulder impingement

* Sciatica

* Tendonitis

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

* Bursitis

* Bulging and/or herniated disc

* TMJ syndrome

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